Beauty is a verb

Neha Misra is a contemporary visual folk artist, poet, and global Climate Justice advocate with a deep belief in the power of human (re)imagination to create new realities. 

Neha was born and raised in New Delhi, India. As an immigrant to the United States, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area is her adopted home. Embodying the creative life is a profound source of individual and collective healing for Neha. Her creative practice has roots in the diverse folk traditions, mythology, ancient knowledge, and colorful vibrancy of her Indian heritage. Her immigrant experience has been a catalyst for rediscovering and re-claiming this sacred tapestry. Neha’s education in Physics is the foundation for the mosaic of her work that explores the intersection of worlds - physical and metaphysical, complex and simple, old and new


Neha's paintings bring out an enchantment with the timeless wisdom, magic, and resilience of nature. Threads of reverence and concern for our relationship with Mother Earth run through her art being. She combines this with an interest in neuroscience to balance our left brain dominated modern world, in wholeness, with the right brain - our spiritual and creative connection with the world within and without. A color therapy explorer, Neha lives for the nano seconds when a viewer looking at her art gasps with visceral joy,"Oh! the colors!"

Neha describes her poetry as a passage of finding words for the wordless, a self-revelation, and an instrument of co-liberation. As poetry emerges from private spheres to communal life, Neha believes it is a gift to renew, to connect, and to move the spirit.

Through her inspiring intersectional work for climate justice, Neha co-founded the award winning non-profit Solar Sister which supports transformational women power to generate solar power in off-grid communities across sub-Saharan Africa. She has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, Forbes, Ms. Magazine, and Mothers of Invention. Neha lives in solidarity with all who are building justsustainable, and soulful ways of inhabiting our shared tiny blue planet.  


"If change were a piece of art,
I will make a start..."

Neha Misra